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C Program To Find ASCII Value Of A Character

Write a C program to accept a character from user and display its ASCII value. ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. ASCII codes represent text in computer. So, let’s start to develop our program.

Output will be look like this:

Enter any character to find it’s ASCII code: A

ASCII code of ‘A’ is ‘65’.

Program :

/* Author: CodeTryCatch
* C program to find ASCII value of a character
void main()
    char alpha;
    printf("Enter any character to find it's ASCII code: ");
    printf("\nOutput :\n\n");
    printf("ASCII code of '%c' is '%d'.\n\n",alpha,alpha);

Step by step descriptive logic of a program.

Step 1 : First we have to declare one variable of character type to accept input from user.

Step 2 : To print ASCII value of entered character here we used %d format specifier. Because, ASCII code returns integer values and to print integer values we used %d as a format specifier.

Step 3 : Here, we can accept any character like alphabets, numbers or any special characters it will show it’s ASCII code.

Output :

Keep coding...
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