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How to use code blocks IDE for C/C++ programming?

In this article, I will show you how to build and run C program in the Code block editor.

Before going to learn, we need to install the Code block IDE. To learn installation steps, click on this link :  How to install code blocks software?

1. Open Code Block IDE

2. Create a new empty file.

3. Save the file in your folder as “hello” and select save type as “C/C++ files” an extension. This will create “hello.c” file.

4. Type the following code of c program.

    printf("Hello World");

5. To build and run the above code press F9 function key. It is the process to convert source code into an executable file.

6. F2 function key is used to show/ hide the error messages list.

So in this way, we use the Code block IDE. If it helps you then please share it with others.

Keep coding...
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